durango cabin rentalsWinter is here, and in Colorado, that means plenty of snow and wintertime fun! When looking for one of your perfect Durango cabin rentals, there is no need to look any further than Pine River Lodge. Situated in the San Juan National Forest within the Rocky Mountains, your winter getaway will be complete, so long as you come prepared.

What to Pack

No wintertime adventure is complete without the proper gear. When you stay at one of the Durando cabin rentals, you’ll want to make sure that you have everything so you can get the most out of your winter vacation. Pack away some gloves, thick, down jackets, and boots. Don’t forget sunglasses, as to ward off any snow blindness. Find some beautiful Durango cabin rentals with Pine River Lodge, and you’ll be all set for your delightful winter getaway.

Skiing Gear for Colorado

After selecting one of the fantastic Durango cabin rentals with Pine River Lodge, it’s time to get your ski on. You’ll want to get all the proper gear so you can enjoy the slopes in comfort. Goggles are an easy-to-miss item that works well for those taking on the snow. Gloves and mittens are a must-have, as are boots and thick socks. A ski jacket will keep you warm in the wintertime and when you’re on the slopes, and while it may seem ironic, don’t forget your sunscreen either! When staying with Pine River Lodge, you’ll have a cozy mountainside cabin to keep all your winter gear and relax after a long day skiing.

Where to Rent Gear

No winter trip is complete without the proper gear for it. Luckily, while staying at one of the beautifully appointed Durango cabin rentals with Pine River Lodge, you can rent snowshoes during your stay so you can enjoy all the snow has to offer! Go hiking with loved ones on beautiful snow as you relax in a mountain cabin getaway, and enjoy the winter sights in Durango. Pine River Lodge provides all that you need to make your winter vacation one to remember. From their delightful Durango cabin rentals to their nearby amenities, your perfect winter vacation awaits at Pine River Lodge.