Birdwatching In Colorado Near Vallecito Lake

Few places in the United States enjoy as enormous a variety of beautiful birds than Colorado. More than 500 species live or migrate through our gorgeous state making Colorado a go-to destination for enthusiastic birdwatchers!

According to research, nearly a fifth of Americans see themselves as birders. Whether you are just a beginner or veteran, the numerous mountains, forests, and gulches hide fantastic wildlife just waiting to be discovered.  Birdwatching in Colorado can be an exceptional experience!

What You’ll Need:

Although it is always possible you’ll stumble across a rare bird, searching for them will yield better results. A pair of binoculars, camera, notebook and identification book are all recommended. Wearing dark and muted colors also help you blend in with surroundings and will help prevent accidentally startling wildlife.

How to Find Them:

While spotting a rare species is quite a treat, often, birders must first wait for hours at a time. Often, the cue is a barely audible bird call before any sighting occurs. By working together in groups, skilled birders cover more ground and find birds quicker.

The Best Time to Go:

Like most other animals, birds are particularly active during certain seasons and times of the day. By choosing the correct times, you can maximize the likelihood you will see one you are looking for. Additionally, many species migrate through Colorado during certain parts of the year resting here for only a short time before moving onwards.

Birds are particularly active during the early morning when they seek food. Often, they search near large bodies of fresh water or lakes for fish and small bugs to eat. Lakes, streams, and bogs, as well as areas somewhat sheltered from the elements such as canyons or overhangs, are excellent places to search for these creatures.

What to Expect:

The incredible diversity of falcons, waterfowl and other birds mean that you will see only a small fraction of the available birds in one setting. However, there is a good chance you may find one of the following. Each of these birds are relatively common within Colorado, although they appear at different times during the year:

Mountain Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird

Birdwatching in Colorado

Bald Eagle

Mountain Bluebird

Boreal Owl

Mountain Bluebird

Belted Kingfisher

Canada Goose

Canada Goose


Near the Pine River Lodge, the La Plata and Piedra trails offer excellent opportunities to see many different fowl. These beautiful hikes offer great activities for other hobbies as well.